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The Killing IT Podcast

IT authors and entrepreneurs Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology opportunities and emerging tech.

We want to expand the discussion from the SMB IT channel to all things tech - with one eye on the future and the other on profits. Join us!

Jan 26, 2021

Topic 1: SpaceX Takes Off!

SpaceX launched sixty more satellites last week - with ONE rocket. They now have more than 1,000 satellites deployed. Their target is a total of 1,440. These will be dedicated to Internet-beaming.

Last year, SpaceX launched 26 rockets successfully. This year, the goal is 40. Most of those...

Jan 19, 2021

Closing in on 100 episodes . . .

After a few hiccups on the Internet, we managed to record this week's show. Please support our advertiser!

Topic 1: Azure in a box?

Microsoft is rolling out data centers "in a box." Earlier, we reported on Microsoft putting data centers on the ocean floor. This containerized project has...

Jan 12, 2021

One very serious topic, and two somewhat-lighter topics this week. Please post questions or comments. And don't forget to share with your friends.

Topic 1: Open Source Managed Service Tools?

Here's a seriously interesting question: Is open source software for managed services a beautiful vision of the future . .. or...

Jan 5, 2021

Topic 1: Forrester says US online holiday shopping to reach $173 B

Constant question: How much of this is temporary vs. permanent?

Have you built a store for your clients? We think this is a great opportunity for IT professionals.

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