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The Killing IT Podcast

IT authors and entrepreneurs Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology opportunities and emerging tech.

We want to expand the discussion from the SMB IT channel to all things tech - with one eye on the future and the other on profits. Join us!

Feb 25, 2020

Topic 1: Cloud Neutrality

You've heard of Net Neutrality. This is pretty much the same thing, with the premise that access to the cloud suffers the same potential problems.

Dave's favorite quote: “It would be as though Ford, GM, and Toyota had built the Interstate Highway System using private dollars and then charged tolls to other car makers to use it.”

Ryan wonders whether the cloud has become a utility. And Karl's not sure there's actually a problem here.

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Topic 2: The List of Evil Tech Companies

A while back we looked at the most trusted brands. (Remember? The postal service came out on top.) This time we're looking at companies accused of "evil" actions, large and small.

Our two biggest observations are: 1) We could come up with more (better) examples than some of these; and 2) Some of these are just businesses pursuing their own interest.

Where do you cross the line into evil? And do you need to have evil intent to be evil, or can it be an unintended consequence?

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Topic 3: Why Isn't the Adoption of New Technology Faster?

Background: Seth Robinson’s guest spot on Business of Tech: Why new technologies are not being adopted more rapidly.

Related questions include how much of the push-back is from entrenched incumbents vs. technicians who are simply not trained on the new technologies.

The never-ending lesson is to keep grabbing onto the future. That's where all the opportunity is.

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