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The Killing IT Podcast

IT authors and entrepreneurs Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology opportunities and emerging tech.

We want to expand the discussion from the SMB IT channel to all things tech - with one eye on the future and the other on profits. Join us!

Oct 15, 2019

Topic 1: Jim Cramer, the financial TV guy, has proposed that the "FAANG" index needs to change. FAANG simply means Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Cramer thinks we should drop Netflix from the group because they've lost money recently and add Microsoft in its place.

Ryan connects this with our earlier discussion about technology reaching the point where non-technical people are beginning to pay attention to the industry (and what that means).

FAANG is a horrible measurement of the industry. What metrics do we think are the right ones?

Topic 2: UPS get approval for the first Drone Airline


With this move, UPS will start deploying drone deliveries in "campus" settings such as medical campuses and college campuses. To make this successful, they will need to develop a great deal of sophisticated controls, procedures, and safety protocols. But my guess is that they'll be hugely successful.

We talk about the details and practical side of this as well as the bigger picture: What this means to IT professionals. Bottom line is, we think this is great news.

In a related development, CompTIA has a new Drone community to look into this kind of opportunity. See

AND they have a live webinar meeting of the Community this Thursday (October 17th). Register here:

Topic 3: Net Neutrality gets a win - inside a loss

News Item: Federal judge upholds the US government’s right to eliminate net neutrality - but also reaffirms states’ right to enforce net neutrality within their borders.

A bit of good news/bad news here. AND a little disagreement on whether net neutrality is really that big of a deal. Either way, our industry is affected more and more as the government gets involved in things.

We also dig into the affect on privacy regulation as it relates to net neutrality and the IT Service Provider.

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