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The Killing IT Podcast

IT authors and entrepreneurs Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology opportunities and emerging tech.

We want to expand the discussion from the SMB IT channel to all things tech - with one eye on the future and the other on profits. Join us!

Jul 5, 2022

Episode 171 - Remote Deepfakes, Roe v. Wade: Data Privacy, G7 funds Cybersecurity  


Topic 1: “More” people are using Deep Fakes to apply for remote tech jobs.

File under, “you thought the world couldn’t get any weirder.”...
The employment crisis has born a new adversary: Deepfake remote workers. Thankfully, their sole intent isn't to steal your job.

Sort of.

While these deepfake applicants are actively participating in the employment process, the function of the deepfake is to phish data where it otherwise could not. This includes, job interviews, resume data, job questions, etc. 

That said, as more information is gathered via the onboarding process, the easier it becomes to synthesize a perfect candidate. And if hired, this would mean access to sensitive company data. 

And considering heightened labor shortages, deepfakes may have the same hiring potential as anyone else in the pool. 

People Are Using Deepfakes to Apply for Remote Tech Jobs:


Topic 2: Roe v Wade: Law change implications on data privacy

What does overturning Roe Vs. Wade mean for privacy and data ownership law surrounding menstrual cycle tracking apps? And does HIPAA protect you as an individual or does it protect the company that owns your medical information?

We discuss the legal protection or lack thereof surrounding the new implications of Roe V. Wade in the digital landscape. 


Topic 3: G7 funding cybersecurity . . . and setting the U.S. as the standard-bearer. 

We’re the good guys, right? So we should obviously write the rules.

However, if we continue to "cut-off" those within the realm of what we as westerns deem as the good guys, we might create an even badder....well, bad guy. 

Key State Official Warns of ‘Peril’ as US Pursues Cybersecurity Goals at G7 - Nextgov:

See also: 

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